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The purpose of the party

Blue-and-Black Movement (Finnish: Sinimusta Liike, SML) is a radical, traditional and fennophilic party with its actions based on the ideal of an independent, vibrant and sovereign Finland – a state which is created to serve and defend Finnish culture, environment and way of life. The world view of the party is based on  a nation state that is the home of Finnish people and that remains as the home for Finnish people only when it’s inhabited by Finnish people in the future. The policies which we promote are radical and ethnofuturistic. We want to rid our homeland and society of globalism and other modern values that erode our country. We want to replace it with a new and better future for our society, without forgetting our roots or the work that the previous generations have put into this country.
We want a high-spirited and resilient society that is both green and high-tech, and that seeks to secure the future for Finnish people.

To achieve this, our party aims to
– Advance Finnish cultural work and educate Finnish people about their roots.
– Keep Finnish as the dominant and the only official language in Finland.
– Advance the idea of Finnish people as an ethnic group and keep Finland ethnically Finnish.
– Promote the natural and traditional idea of family, healthy family life and opportunities for families with children.
– Promote the importance of soul and blood in our national identity.
– Fight relentlessly against diversity and rootless global mass society.
– Keep Finland outside of any global unions.
– Promote Finland’s self-reliance and independent monetary policy.
– Preserve Finland’s environment and its wildlife.
– Advance national defense and promote willingness to defend our country.

Party values


We are radicals because we want to see a change in almost every aspect of society. We want to build a country, which is strong, vibrant, and has hope and justice on this day and tomorrow.

A radical mindset means that the goal determines acceptable methods in the political field. We seek to lay groundwork for a national wide awakening. We need to get rid of the corrupt and dishonest political system so we can create a transparent, increasingly involved and truly just nation.

We want to remove exploitative capitalism, single-use consumer culture and  the crooked un-nationalist mass-media. We do not see that a superior society is dependent on the idea of endless economic growth, where value is only measured with money, where everything is for sale and a worker is expendable, for the sake of bigger profits. In our opinion, advanced society is based on an  idea of nature and people live in equilibrium and seek to make only advancements and changes that are sustainable.

We are also radicals, because our political actions are not only for the sake of winning the next elections, but are based on unbending and uncompromising activism that aims to secure our future. We are not political opportunists. We are a group of unyielding people, who see their fellow activists bound by blood and as extended family fighting for a common goal. Our right to exist is non-negotiable.


Our party’s goal is  to have independent people in an independent nation. We see nation as a common denominator between individual and mankind. This allows a sense of belonging in the society, which is vital for the social capital, and a big enough population to have the ability to become organized constructively  and for creating a  credible defense against outside threats.
A nation’s core is based on an assumption that native population has more in common with their own group than outsiders. It is people’s natural desire to seek company of their own kind is based on biological tendencies, which our nationalist politics seek to encourage and strengthen. This is how an organized state advances the interest of its own people before any other groups and defends the nation’s right for self-determination.

Our party’s worldview is based on an ideal of people’s community, where relations between people and groups of people are judged based on ethnicity. Our party opposes class conflicts and other societal elements that seek to divide Finnish people into competing, artificial interest groups. In our party’s point of view there are no other interest groups than the Finnish people, where every ethnically Finn is linked to it by their blood. For national cohesion, it is of utmost importance that people can feel solidarity towards their own people, that is not dependent on education, wage differences or other life situation dependent circumstances. This prerequisites for our party’s vision of publicly funded welfare state promotion of national solidarity.

Our party defines the  Finnish people as a group of people that is mostly composed of Baltic Sea tribes that moved to the region during the prehistoric times, that speak language that is characteristic to these people, and that feel  the culture formed by the Finnish community as the natural way of life. Finnishness is biological, historic, linguistic and cultural as a whole. Our party’s goal is ethnically uniform Finland, where there is no conflict of interest between minorities and native people. Our party does not only criticize loose immigration policies and its side effects but is fundamentally opposed to any non-Finnish immigration. Our party’s priority is to put complete stop to current immigration and to reprocess all immigrants that are already in country. In addition, we seek to protect Finnish identity, Finnish history, Finnish culture, Finnish environment and national property.

In our party’s view, the current political divide between Right and Left is flawed, because despite the differences between them, they both promote policies that put our national existence and independence in danger. As fennophiles, we oppose the political right’s supranational capitalism and extreme individualism that seeks to elevate an individuals’ needs above the community’s needs. We oppose the political left’s egalitarianism, which does not recognize its own people’s importance and natural differences between groups. Our party does not accept the current idealization of an equal society, we seek to replace it with an idea, where everyone has their own place in society, which is determined by their abilities.


Our party sees the current generations as a part of unbroken lineage, which mandates us to preserve the work done by generations that came before us, while securing a clean and safe country for the upcoming generations. Our party does not support individual choices that conflict with this principle. Continuum of national tradition is a resource that has carried our nation for centuries, to which a healthy national sentiment builds on, as a pillar for a healthy community.

We are critical towards secularization of society, we endorse normalizing sanctification in Finnish society. We seek to recognize the sanctity of tradition and customs as an embodiment of unity, regardless of religious concept. Hence, we recognize the holy sites, pre-Christian sites of worship and modern Christian sites and cemeteries carrying special status for Finnish people. We do not equate Finnish holy sites only as buildings or places like any other, or accept the usage of these sites for monetary gain. The fatherland and the continuum of people with higher purpose is an asset for every Finnish person, regardless which religious persuasion he or she belongs to. Every Finnish person should have their own place in society, where they can partake in the advancement of society as a part of an unbroken chain. This chain is strongest when all links are strong and in their right places.

Our party does not identify as “conservative”, because we think that term refers to the need to conserve the status quo and has a cautious attitude towards societal change in general.

Conservative movements that came after World War II have proven that they are unable to slow down cultural change, or even conserve their own values in the face of change. Conservatism can be equated to an endless delaying battle, in which after every lost battle, the conservatives accept the changed operating environment, and continue to defend and try to conserve the remains until the next confrontation with a more radical opponent. This backpedaling that is build-in in conservative movement will cause its followers to inadvertently adopt their political opponents narratives and doctrines, this will turn them from societal actors into powerless followers.

To diverge from conservatives, we traditional nationalists believe in order of nature and our nation’s eternal right to exist, we do not see them tied to era or trends. If the political and cultural status quo is threatening these values, we do not shy away from confronting it. Stability is not an absolute value to us, if its price is the fate and the land of the whole nation’s people. Unlike conservatives we will take a strong nonconformist stance and seek to shape our environment more fitting for our values. We will not watch from the sidelines – we will attempt be nationalist facilitators for the change. Unlike conservatives, we will fanatically oppose any harmful phenomenon today and in future and further those goals, that achieve that eternal purpose which nature and the love for our predecessors has mandated us to do.