Valikko Sulje

Blue-and-Black Movement Program

Blue-and-Black Movement (Sinimusta Liike) is a nationalist party that positions itself above the traditional right and left, placing the Finnish nation at the center of its politics, which it views as a biological, historical, linguistic, and cultural entity. The party aims to ensure that Finnish business, nature, national assets, culture, and legislative power remain in Finnish hands, and that future Finnish generations can live and express themselves freely in a Finnish-speaking and Finnish-oriented homeland.

The Finnish Language

Our party defends our beautiful national language and battles against the influence of foreign languages in the Finnish society. We support a monolingual Finland.

The Finnish Industry

Our party supports a national currency, the Finnish Mark, which is controlled by a publicly owned central bank. We defend our local craftsmanship and labor from both outside and foreign based competition. We support the guiding role of the state in economics and the nationalization of key industries which are essential to the functioning of our society. Our party believes in the sustainable use of our natural resources by keeping them strictly under Finnish ownership.

The Finnish Wellbeing

Our party supports social wealth transactions and public health services, which both assist the people during potentially difficult times. An united people in nationalist Finland is the bedrock of our national wellbeing.

The Finnish Family

Our understanding of the family is based upon the union of a man, a woman and their children. The Finnish family is the basic unit of our society, which interacts with the well-being of our nation and serves as the bedrock of our future.

The Finnish Ecology

We believe that industry must always be subordinate to the capacity of our ecology; we cannot produce beyond the limits of our environment. We support strict environmental regulation because a clean environment is part of our national heritage and must be conserved for future generations. Our party supports green industries and sustainable production. Green spaces and preservation areas must be abundant so that every Finn has the right to enjoy a clean natural environment.

Prosperous Countryside

Our party views the concentration of people within a few large cities as problematic. We believe that the Finnish countryside provides a good environment for growth and industry, supporting the sustainable use of our natural resources. We aim to support local farmers and protect Finnish food production from foreign competition.

The Finnish Education

Our party supports free education for Finns at every level, ensuring that everyone can become a productive and useful member of our society regardless of their social class. Athletics, school camps and other communal activities are essential parts of the schools’ educational mission.

Nationalistic Thinking

The basis of our cultural policies is the strengthening of our national identity and the preservation of our cultural legacy. We aim to uphold traditional culture, historical perspectives, and national roots. We support the religious and spiritual forms that have positively shaped our cultural legacy.

Finnish National Defense

Our party supports a conscription-based military and local defense industries. We endorse both voluntary defense activities and local firearm clubs. We support military alliances if they serve our national interests, but we also uphold the readiness to act independently under special circumstances, without relying on our foreign allies if necessary.

Europe of Nation States

We place the existence of the Finnish people and the continuation of our history at the center of our politics, which is why we are critical of foreign organizations and treaties that could act harmfully towards us. Our party shares a deep connection with other Baltic Finns and aims to improve their position between the East and the West. We desire a free Finland and Europe comprised of free nation-states.